Legal Services

Investigative Services

Security Services

Process Service

Legally notifying an individual or party of their involvement in a court proceeding. Our process servers work efficiently to get your legal documents served accurately and in a timely fashion. We will serve your summons, complaints, writs, subpoenas, and more.

Private Investigations

Our team can assist in a variety of investigations. We conduct thorough research and use modern technologies to uncover evidence to get our clients the answers they are looking for. All evidence is gathered within state law to ensure that it is acceptable in court.

Fingerprinting (Coming Soon)

Fingerprinting services for background checks, employment verification, and other situations. We perform these services to guarantee that a person is who they claim they are. This can protect you and your business from potential liability due to an untruthful individual's actions.

Notary Service (Coming Soon)

We notarize the signatures on your important legal documents to ensure that they are legally binding. It is important to hire a professional notary to save your business from any legal implications.

Background Checks

We provide thorough and confidential background checks which uncover information about an individual's behavior. This can uncover any hidden warning signs such as debts, firings, driving records, and more on a potential employee or even a spouse.

Personal Bodyguard

Our trained and skilled staff are well equipped to provide our bodyguard services when needed. Whether it is for a single event or ongoing protection, give us a call to discuss your specific needs.

Courier Service

We will pick up and deliver your important documents, packages, messages, mail, and other parcels in a timely manner. Our process servers are accustomed to handling sensitive material, so you can trust that with us, your objects are in good hands.


Using videography, photography, and general observation we will surveil a subject or group. As we monitor their behavior and actions, we keep detailed and organized notes and report our findings to our clients swiftly.

Property Inspection

Hiring a property inspector will ultimately save you time, money, and stress. Whether it is for a commercial property or home inspection, our team can uncover any undesirable characteristics in a building that may be hidden from the average eye.

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